Plans, surveys and other documents

The Society has written or initiated a number of plans, surveys  and other documents. Click on the green title lines to open them.

1. Ecology survey

This was drawn up for us by Dr Kate Thorn of Churton Ecology.

Quillet 2879Brineddin Wood Ecological survey

2. Wildflower survey (awaiting insertion July 2015)

3. Three-year rolling business plan 2012-2015 (currently removed for updating – July 2015)

4. Woodland Management Plan (awaiting insertion July 2015)

5. Share offer document

Although we raised sufficient shares in 2013 to enable us to purchase Quillet 2879, new shareholders are still welcome. The share offer we used then is still valid, as is the application form that goes with it.

Second share offer

2nd share offer application form

6. Rules of The Society:

These were drawn up for us by Wessex Community Assets in line with the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1965. Our registration number as a Commnity Benefit Society is 31483R.

Redlake Valley Rules 2010

7. Moving towards a Woodland Management Plan

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