Rather than just show our own pictures here, we’re inviting visitors to the website to email us photographs of the wood that they are especially proud of, or they think are particularly interesting, and we’ll change them around from time to time.  We will, however,  leave Sarah Jameson’s gallery on the right of the page as a standing item because her photographs are so excellent.

Click on the main pictures to see them in full screen mode in a new window.  For Sarah Jameson’s side gallery pictures, click to see them as a slide show, then  press Esc to return to Gallery page. When in the Gallery, click at bottom right of a picture to see it in full screen mode.

Brineddin-Wood---Chapel-Lawn-11-10-15-054Stairway to Heaven – October 2015 by Ritchie Cotterrill

Quillet in the snow OPT

Quillet in the Snow – Easter 2013 by Patrick Cosgrove

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