Four things to report this month.

Firstly, to bring your attention to a couple of discussion papers that the Society’s Treasurer, Anthony Morgan, has written. The first, written in 2020, summarises the condition of Brineddin Wood and possible ways in which the Society could manage its quillets with a view to increasing biodiversity. The second, written this month, describes how our thoughts have moved in the direction of more coppicing of oaks, but only if we can raise the funds for a more extensive deer exclosure. The papers can be found at item 7 on the Documents page of this website.

Secondly, although excellent news that the debt outsanding from the purchase of Henry’s Quillet has now been reduced by £2,000 to £3,000, fund-raising remains a priority. We hope to make further inroads on that amount this winter by offering our traditional hedge-laying service to local land-owners.

Next, a few photos to act as an an update on our previous post (see below) about planting a couple of Hampshire oak seedlings. Our ‘alien invaders’ are both now installed at the top of the rustic steps, carefully staked and guarded.

Finally, six intrepid step builders who braved the bitterly cold aftermath of Storm Arwen and constructed thirteen more steps leading up through Henry’s quillet. Equally bitter will be their disappointment if the new steps are not visited, used, admired and commented on.

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