The Redlake Valley Hedge fund

Our Society still has almost £3,000 to pay of the interest-free loan from a generous backer that enabled us to buy the second quillet in Brineddin Wood. But with no regular source of income, that presents problems.

To the rescue – Society board member Bob James from Bryncambric Farm at Chapel Lawn.

Bob has farmed here all his life and has a wealth of invaluable practical skills. At his suggestion, it was agreed that traditional hedge-laying might be a way of raising money. So that is what we’ve been doing recently – in two ways.

The first way was for volunteers to work with Bob on small hedging contracts costed at £10 per metre. The first photo here is of a recently completed hedge-line near Llangunllo looking very smart in bright frosty sunshine. In the second picture taken the next day, Bob is tamping down the heathering rods In order to bind the pleached stems, croppers and stakes together ready for new growth to finish the job in the coming months.

The second way was for people who wanted to learn how to lay a hedge to work with Bob on his own fields, and in return make a donation to Society funds. In these two photos, John and Elly Bibby from nearby Obley are making good progress on a hedge just below the Iron-age hill fort. They enjoyed it so much that they came back for more and may even come back again. 

We often say, the Community Benefit Society is about more than just a piece of woodland. In this case, how true, as it brings people together who, although not living far apart, might not otherwise have met and enjoyed each other’s company.

2 thoughts on “The Redlake Valley Hedge fund

  1. Hi Patrick

    Great idea, definitely needs some publicity, through the AONB too?

    I’d be very pleased to get some training from Bob and help him with his own hedgerows, making a donation to the cause.




  2. Thanks Patrick. Would you like me to advertise this on our CPRE networks? Can you let me have the costs for the learning days with Bob and a contact for that?

    Happy to put it out there and see if you get any takers? Sarah


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