The Great Step(pe)s

Not quite on the scale of Russia, but impressive nevertheless, last week’s work party not only repaired a few rotten steps on the original ‘Stairway to Heaven’, but completed the second flight that connects with them via Henry’s Quillet.

This means that anyone wanting to venture deeper into the wood without having to tackle the gradient, can now take a short circular route that is far enough away from the public footpath to really appreciate the tranquillity afforded by the trees.

Ollie and Martin replacing rotten steps

Congratulations and thanks to all involved for giving up a series of Sunday mornings to make this possible. All are invited to visit at any time to enjoy this new dimension. All are also invited to take part in future work parties. Work required at present includes removing brambles from deer netting and young hazel, and protecting shoots growing from the stools of recently felled trees. Dates are: Sundays 27th February, 27th March and 24th April, the final one being as much of a get-together as a work party. For all dates, assemble at 10.00 am in Chapel Lawn Car Park and then walk across to the quillets.

Plan of rustic steps

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