Coppicing in Brineddin Wood – Consultation

The Redlake Valley Community Benefit Society supported by Shropshire Hills AONB has a long-term plan to return an area of woodland within its two Brineddin Wood quillets to a traditional coppice rotation. The purpose of this is to increase the level of biodiversity – both flora and fauna- by reducing the much-overgrown tree cover and encouraging new growth of native trees, the shrub layer (particularly Hazel), and the ground flora. In doing so, best use will be made of the woodland products wherever possible. This plan requires a felling licence from the Forestry Commission which, in turn, requires local consultation. Emails or letters outlining the Society’s intentions will be sent to adjacent landowners, households near Brineddin Wood, Clun Town Council and Shropshire Wildlife Trust. Others may view our plans here where our application to the Forestry Commission can be seen, and also an explanatory document that has already been sent to the Society’s 60 shareholders and received approval from all those who commented.

Comments are requested by 28th February and should be sent to Mark Limbrick, Chairman, RVCBS, at either The Smithy, Chapel Lawn, SY7 0BW or by email to

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