March in the Quillets

Despite an intermittent drizzle, eight intrepid workers turned out on Sunday 26th March for our penultimate work party of the season. The task was to extend the network of pathways higher up in the quillets. As you can see from the photos, great progress was made. If you’ve not visited the quillets for a while, do try to make time. Pack a thermos and snack, climb right to the top of the flight of rustic steps and just sit there for a while enjoying the peace and quiet – apart from the drumming of the woodpeckers, of course, which seem especially active this year.

On the way back down, you’ll see that we’ve strimmed the bramble in one half of the deer exclosure. The idea is to find out if there’s a noticeable difference between the half where we’re suppressing its growth and the other half where we’re letting it grow unchecked. Bramble often gets a bad press, but it provides valuable shelter for ground nesting birds, and food for many invertebrate species. It’s also a source of food for dormice, although we suspect that the wood has been left unmanaged too long to support them – there’s plenty of honeysuckle, which they like, but much of the hazel is dead or dying and the dense leaf canopy means that catkins don’t form where it’s still clinging on so there aren’t any nuts in the autumn.  But we live in hope. Maybe they’ll return one day.

Finally, the last work party will be on Sunday 23rd April – meet as usual at 10.00 am in the car park at Chapel Lawn. There will be cake.

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