“Spent forty years of my life in this valley. Loved it then. Love it now.”

That’s just one of the messages left in the visitors’ book at the top of the quillet steps. Here are the others.

“Thank you for this. It’s a special place.”

“Gorgeous wet walk with the boys. Had fun finding sticks and counting steps.”

“I grew up playing in the woods. Many happy memories. Lovely to sit here in the heart of the wood and remember those days”

“Very nice!”

Climbing the rustic steps

“Good overdue workout up the steps. Love the benches on the way up, but glad I didn’t stop as I don’t think I would have made it. Glad to explore my area of where I grew up. Keep up the good work of looking after this beautiful place.”

“Had a very good walk today and made some sheep  friends and also enjoy coming back  for a walk as I have come here before in primary. Thanks!”

“Magical place with hidden wildlife……. Listen.”

“It’s me again. I had a picnic.”

“It’s me again. I found some acorns which I can plant and I had a picnic.”

“I wish I could see some foxes and snow.”

“I like the magic steps*.”

“Love from Peru.”

“Thank you for all your hard work that goes into maintaining such a beautiful, ancient woodland.”

“We spotted this wood during our bike ride from Clun – so magical. Sat in the wood and watched a fox, heard a cuckoo and enjoyed the bluebells.  Thank you so much for your efforts to preserve this ancient woodland.”

“Me and my mum were walking along the footpath and saw a fox den. The fox den was a in a hedgerow second to the left of here and we could distinctly see a fox cub.   If you hear any rustles at all, always look.”

“Lovely place to spend time with family and reflect on life in such a beautiful place.“

* ‘Magic steps’ because it’s never the same number on the way down that you counted on the way up.

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