A Tale of Four Quillet Stones

Shareholders of the Society will know that their first quillet, number 2879, was marked by a quillet stone some years ago at the lower left hand corner of the plot, and that in 2019 we erected a second stone to mark the purchase of Henry’s Quillet, 2880. Well now, courtesy of Simon Jameson’s single-handed hard work during Lockdown, there’s a third stone to mark the bottom right hand corner of quillet 2879 (or the bottom left hand corner of 2878 depending how you view things). Together with the only known original stone further along the footpath to the east, that now makes four stones, although we’re not sure which quillet that older stone is marking. Apparently, all quillets were originally divided by stones so erecting the three stones is an attempt to resurrect the practice. Maybe other quillet owners will join in.

The oldest stone (easy to miss).
2880 Henry’s Quillet

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