October News Round-up

October was a busy month for the Society.

On Saturday 1st, a very successful apple-pressing event took place. With the help of the Kemp Valley Apple Pressing team, we pressed an astonishing volume of of juice, the profit from which will help pay off our outstanding loan.

The day before that, the Kemp Valley team spent a day at Bucknell School where children brought along apples and took away juice.

Our AGM was well-attended on 20th. As well as six board members, a dozen other shareholders came along, and we were joined by about 30 members of the public who came to listen to Dr. Peter Thomas’s excellent talk on ‘Trees’. We can certainly recommend his excellent book of the same title in the renowned New Naturalist series.

Unfortunately, the first work party of the new season was called off because of bad weather, but plenty more are planned, the next being Sunday 27th November – meet in the car park at Chapel Lawn at 10.00 am.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we are in conversation with the Forestry Commission about creating a formal Woodland Management Plan for the quillets. More on this will follow later this year.

And finally, we hope to see you at our next fund-raising event on 17th November, which is a talk by Mike Taylor about how he gave up a conventional career thirteen years ago and now makes a living from coppicing his deciduous woodland on the edge of the Wrekin.

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