Generous donation received from local business.

The Riverside Inn at Aymestry has a four-pronged approach to sustainability. Full details are here, but briefly the four themes are: local farm to plate food and drink, reduction of waste by reusing, reducing and recycling, reduction of its carbon footprint (including free EV charging), and support for wildlife and ecology preservation.  For the last of these it invites customers to make a discretionary £1.50 ‘Net-Zero’ contribution with their bill, the proceeds of which are donated to local projects. The latest beneficiary is the Redlake Valley Community Benefit Society. As a result the Society is now getting closer to repaying the interest-free loan which, alongside other donations and additional share purchases, was made to enable it to purchase ‘Henry’s Quillet’ in 2019. The directors of the Society are extremely grateful to George and Andy at The Riverside  for a generous donation of £250.  

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