Springtime in the quillets

As many shareholders and supporters aren’t able to get to the Society’s quillet during their allotted lockdown exercise, here are a few photos as a poor substitute. The first is self-explanatory, although it’s interesting to note that this year the bluebells were denser towards the western end of the wood, whereas in previous years they’ve been more luxurious at the eastern end. The second is of a narrow path that was made by a recent work party to enable visitors to safely enter Henry’s quillet by walking up the flight of rustic steps a few yards and turning left. The third came as rather a surprise because when a survey of the wood’s ground flora was undertaken in July 2015, there was no record made of Wild Garlic (also known as Ramsons). This was a small group of plants near one of the few damp patches in the wood, fairly well concealed behind a holly bush. In July the leaves would have been withering away so maybe it isn’t so surprising, but good to see, nevertheless.

2 thoughts on “Springtime in the quillets

  1. thank you Patrick for timely pictures for us to enjoy the bluebells and the ramsons of the quilt!
    I did type Quillet honestly


  2. Did you hear about my Tick experience, Patrick? I think my dog literally came back with about 50 on her. Must have stuck her snozzle in a tick nest – urrrgh!! Sarah


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