Rustic Step Renovation

When we began the flight of rustic steps deep into the quillet in 2013, we used lengths of coppiced hazel for the horizontals and, ransacked our garages and garden sheds for pieces of scrap wood to use as the retaining stakes. For subsequent work we’ve used properly treated timber. To be honest, we’ve been surprised by how long those first steps have lasted; perhaps because it’s quite dry under the trees. However, some have now started to disintegrate badly and have become dangerous, so our recent work party on 24th November concentrated on fixing those in particularly bad repair. This work will continue at our next scheduled work party on Sunday 26th January (meet at 10.00 in Chapel awn Village hall car park). Do join us: coffee and cake provided.

Ollie Holder and Anthony Morgan – true professionals.
A very proud Mark Limbrick

2 thoughts on “Rustic Step Renovation

  1. Dear Patrick

    That’s very good of you to offer this facility. It may come in handy in the future.

    We’ve not forgotten your visit to us, and certainly intend to get back to you. As I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve been somewhat pre-occupied with the purchase of a second quillet.

    Best wishes,

    Patrick Cosgrove
    (On behalf of the RVCBS board)


  2. Good afternoon Karen, thank you for your e mail updates on you project etc.

    If ever you want any wood milling if you can get it to me I have a Stenner Band mill in my yard which I can cut logs up to 3’ in diameter and 20’ long.

    I would be happy to do this for your project for free should you need it.

    Yours Patrick


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