Update on possible purchase of additional woodland

Dear Supporters of Brineddin Wood

I’m delighted to inform you that there has been a very encouraging and prompt response to the request for support in buying an additional quillet in Brineddin Wood.

Thanks to the many generous people who have made promises of money, the total is now well on the way to reaching what the Directors of the Society consider a fair price for the extra land.  Fortunately there has also been an offer of a loan on favourable terms to cover any shortfall.

At a Board meeting on 16th October the situation was considered carefully.  The Directors are confident that submitting a tender for the 5.3 acres adjacent to the Society’s current quillet is the right course of action.  Although efforts to raise further funds to minimise the loan will continue, the Directors have concluded that the Society would not be exposed to undue financial risk.  Help from anyone else prepared to contribute would naturally be appreciated.  In this respect we have received enquiries as to whether shares can be bought in memory of others or on behalf of children and grandchildren.  The answer to both questions is yes – though there are legal restrictions on anyone under 16 years of age owning shares themselves.

A tender bid will therefore be submitted before the deadline on 21st October.  There is, of course, no guarantee that it will be successful but the Directors remain hopeful that we will be able to extend our vision for Brineddin Wood to be an asset which is sensitively managed in the interests of natural beauty, biodiversity and community cohesion.

With many thanks to you all.

The board members of the Redlake Valley Community Benefit Society

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