Small Woods Association


L to R: Patrick Cosgrove, Karen Limbrick, Ollie Holder, Phil Tidey, Simon Jameson. Front: Millie.

In February 2015 we decided that in order to keep up-to-date with current affairs in the world of woodland management, and to get good advice when we needed it, it would be a good idea to join the Small Woods Association. A couple of months later when the weather had improved somewhat, we arranged for Phil Tidey of SWA to visit us at Quillet 2879 and give us his first impressions. The weather was reasonably kind, the bluebells starting to show through and all board members except Mark were able to meet Phil. His over-riding impression was that the unusual division of the wood into quillets and the sweeping lines of the wood down one side of the valley supported the Society’s view that this is an important site, and one where great benefit couuld be gained by working with owners of other quillets. On more practical  lines he suggested some selective thinning of trees in a few areas to let in light, and maybe ring-barking some of the weaker oaks to create standing dead wood. Both these techniques would help greatly in widening the diversity of flora and fauna. Click here for back to home.

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